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Pregnancy before marriage or holy union.

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Q: What is premarital pregnancy?
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What are the causes of premarital pregnancy?

The cause of premarital pregnancy is having sex, just like marital pregnancy.

What are the causes of early pregnancy and premarital sex of the college students?

Early pregnancy happens because they are not using birth control. Most people have "premarital" sex, not just college students.

What is the impact of premarital sex?

The impact of premarital sex can be far reaching. From the possible physical consequences (STDs or pregnancy) to the emotional ones (not being ready, not the right person, etc.).

What are risks of teenage pregnancies?

They are pretty high if you do premarital sex, so, don't do it if you don't want the pregnancy!

What is premarital?

Premarital means before marriage.

What is premarital relationship?

Premarital relationships are relationships before marriage.

How can you control premarital sex as a Christian?

AnswerThe evidence is that the likelihood of Christians engaging in premarital sex is the same as for non-Christians. In other words, you can not control your premarital sexual urges by being a Christian. Some have tried Purity rings, but studies have shown that they do little to delay the first sexual experience and that those who wear them are simply more likely to have an unwanted pregnancy.It may be prudent to accept the possibility of premarital sex, and learn about sexual health and how to avoid pregnancy. This does not mean you should abandon your attempt to remain celebate until marriage, if that is what you wish. But at least you you can 'control' premarital sex if it does happen.

Is premarital sex allowed in Germany?

Yes, there is no law against premarital sex in Germany.

Meaning of premarital sex in tagalog?

In tagalong and in general, premarital sex means having sex before marriage. Premarital sex is often looked down upon by many religions.

Cause of premarital sex on relationship?

The premarital sex happens when the persons come so closer to their heart

Opinion about premarital sex?

I believe in premarital sex. Because like this you will now before you get married if you are sexually compatible. Because not everybody is.

Is premarital sex illegal in North Carolina?

There are no longer laws against premarital sex. However, there are laws regarding ages and those are enforced.

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