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pregnancy lasts for a periods of 40 weeks from last missed periods. Pregnancy lasts for 38 weeks from the date of conception. Normally you do not know the date of conception. The date of last periods is taken normally to calculate the weeks of pregnancy.

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Q: Is pregnancy 38 or 40 wks?
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Why do doctors add two weeks pregnancy?

Because that's the original pregnancy time (40 wks) but most women only make it to 38 wks. So 40 wks is like the goal

How many days is a baby to grow in the womb before delivery?

Well the regular weeks used to be 40 wks pregnant, but most women only up to 38 wks

How long is the human gestation?

Pregnancy last from 38-40 weeks.

How many weeks in pregnancies?

There should be at least be 40 weeks in pregnancy.

Pregnancy Tests after one week?

they wont be accurate. wait at least 2 wks

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You are 8 wks pregnant and have no pain whatsoever is that normal?

Yes, pregnancy does not always involve pain.

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What is the average length of pregnancy in weeks singletons twins triplets and quadruplets?

It takes 40 wks for a foetus to reach full term maturity in single or multiple births. Multiple births are induced earlier if there are problems.