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Because that's the original pregnancy time (40 wks) but most women only make it to 38 wks. So 40 wks is like the goal

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Q: Why do doctors add two weeks pregnancy?
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What if your ultrasound said 5 weeks when did you conceive?

Doctors measure pregnancy from the first day of your last period, but you don't conceive until two weeks after that. Your baby was conceived 3 weeks ago.

Why do doctors add 2 weeks on when pregnant?

Yes because the first two weeks your not considered pregnant.... For example if your ultrasound measures the sac at 5 weeks you actually are 7 weeks if you count the 2 weeks it take to conceive and implant.

What to do to have miscarry in first two weeks?

what to do to prevent miscarry when two weeks of pregnancy

If you are 11 weeks pregnant on Dec 30 2009 when did you conceive?

Nine weeks before that, which is the same as two weeks after your last menstrual period. Doctors include the two weeks before conception in their calculation of the pregnancy date; that is, they start the calculation from the first day of your last period. Approximately 10/31/09.

If your pregnant when do you start counting your months?

Its hard to explain but I will try my best. When you conceive, you are technically two weeks pregnant because doctors consider the last day of your menstrual period to be the first week of pregnancy (even though you really aren't pregnant). You cannot discover pregnancy till about two weeks after being pregnant, so if you find out right away, you are about four weeks pregnant.

How many weeks pregnant do you have to be to do a positive test?

You can take a pregnancy test from two weeks after you last had sex. Check your home pregnancy test to make sure it is sensitive enough to pick up pregnancy hormones that early on, or consider taking a pregnancy test at your doctors office.

How many weeks pregnant do you have to be to get a positive pregnancy test?

One to two weeks.

How many months are women pregnant?

You are pregnant for 40 weeks, which equals 10 months. Doctors give you a 4 week window that allows you to either deliver 2 weeks early or two weeks later then your actual due date. So they consider your pregnancy 9 months, but when at the doctors they count by weeks not months.

Can you run when you are two weeks pregnant?

Two weeks pregnant should definitely not be a problem for running. Later on in your pregnancy may pose more of a concern. At your next doctor appointment be sure to get our doctors permission though. Certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, high risk pregnancies, etc. can be reasons that it would be unsafe to run during your pregnancy. But at two weeks, this should not pose a threat unless you have either of those medical conditions (or a high risk pregnancy).

Can you take a pregnancy test at two weeks?

yes you can

How soon after conception can pregnancy be detected?

As soon as two weeks!!

When can you take tests to find out if you are pregnant?

You can take a pregnancy test from two weeks after you last had sex, this is the earliest a pregnancy test can detect pregnancy hormones - but be sure to check the packet to make sure it is sensitive enough to be used this early. It might also be a good idea to consider taking a pregnancy test at your doctors which can be more accurate.