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Postini login and facebook login are very similar. They both use your email address to log into the site. The password is something that you create when you sign up for services.

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Q: Is postini login similar to facebook login?
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How would one get help if their Postini login failed?

One can get help if their Postini login has failed is by contacting the company by calling or by looking in the FAQ and see what the problem is. One would have to find out what the problem is first.

How does a person sign up to use postini login?

You must sign up at the Postini website. From there, an activation code along with your username and password details will be sent to your email address. You will get an activation message and a specific Postini password will be given.

When was Postini created?

Postini was created in 1999.

Can you login to Facebook with your Gmail?

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yes i can login my profile. if you are not able to login in you account on facebook. then set you system time and date and then try to login again.

What is Facebook proxy login?

What is facebook balkad

Can not log into your Facebook?

If you have a login problem on facebook. That update your PC date and timing and then try to login again.

Can you sign in using mobile number into the facebook account?

yes you can login using mobile number in facebook on the main facebook login page.

Why can you not login Facebook?

update you computer date and time and then try to login.

How do you login in with different name and password on Facebook?

My father needs to access his facebook from my computer- how too\/

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