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It depends on where you are. There are some 13 states in the US that allow medical use, but you have to be treated by a doctor to get your medical card. Just look up medical marijuana sates.

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Q: Is marijuana legal for medicine
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Is a marijuana is a medicine?

marijuana is a drug

What is the argument against marijuana?

The argument behind Marijuana or also know as mjay is that people think it should be legal for medicine reasons but the reality of people wanting it to be legal is so thay was they can use the drug and get high.

What is legalizing marijuana?

Marijuana for the purposes of medicine.

Is recreational marijuana use legal?

No, the use of marijuana is not legal.

Where is marijuana illegal?

For almost all intents and purposes, marijuana is illegal everywhere. Above is only right for the USA. In Netherlands marijuana is legal and you can get it from the doctor as prescription medicine too. In Spain you can have for personal use. It is also legal in parts of London and many other places in the world.

Is marijuana legal in Lithuania?

Industrial marijuana is legal. Marijuana, that can be used for intoxication purposes, is illegal.

How would marijuana become legal?

Marijuana will become legal when we have a legal system has county boys

Where is it legal to smoke marijuana?

It is legal to smoke marijuana in Uruguay. In the United States, it is legal to consume some forms of marijuana in Colorado and in Washington.

What otc medicine can take you out of withdrawel?

Eating marijuana seems to work well, depending upon if it is legal in your state, and what one is in withdrawal from.

Is marijuana is legal in medical use?

Medical marijuana is legal with a prescription from your doctor.

Is marijuana legal in Canberra Australia?

No. Marijuana is not legal anywhere in Australia. Unfortunatley.

Is marijuana legal in Australia?

Marijuana is not legal in Australia, and driving under the influence of marijuana carries severe penalties.

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