Is lesbian sex considered sex

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes, of course it is.

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Q: Is lesbian sex considered sex
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Is queen latefah lesbian?

Probelly but i also want to be a lesbian. SEX! SEX! SEX!

Is lesbian sex more satisfying than straight?

No. It depends. If you are a lesbian of course lesbian sex is more satisfying and if your straight of course straight sex is more satisfying.

How can you get lesbian sex if you are not sure you are lesbian?

it's forbidden

How can you have lesbian sex if you are a lesbian?

fingering, oral, sex toys, or scissoring

How do you have lesbind sex?

You don't - you have LESBIAN sex.

Is sharing candy mouth to mouth considered lesbien or gay?

That would be called kissing. It is not either lesbian or gay, but you could be lesbian or gay if you enjoy kissing people who are the same sex as you are.

What can you get when you are a lesbian?

can get sex with a woman

Is lesbian sex dangerous?


How can you differentiate a male female gay and lesbian?

if you are a male and you prefer your own sex then you are GAY ! if you are a woman and prefer your own sex then you are a LESBIAN ! a male cant be a lesbian !

Is lesbian sex the same to normal sex?

It depends on how they do it. Rarely do lesbians have penises, because to be lesbian you have to be female. Sometimes they have sex with dildos, but no it is not exactly the same.

Why is lesbian sex so good?

Lesbian sex is really good because both partners play a huge role in having lesbian sex. Sometimes, during straight sex, the man gets more pleasure than the woman (not always). During lesbian sex, both women know what feels good to them and are able to replicate it on their partners for the best sexual experience.

Can you make out with a lesbian naked or is it sex?

If you are in bed it is sex, if you are laying down it is sex it you are sitting NOT ON EACHOTHER it is not sex.