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Kissing and petting are often considered forms of sexual activity, but they may not be considered full sexual intercourse. The definition of sex can vary depending on cultural, personal, and legal perspectives.

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It is preliminary sexual behaviour usually referred to as foreplay prior to sexual intercourse.

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No, a kiss is not sex.

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Q: Is kissing and petting considered sex?
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What phrase describes kissing and cuddling?


What are the romantic bases?

1st base is kissing 2nd heavy petting this inculdes touching or fondling of sexual areas 3rd is going an little furthur like oral sex home is full on sex

How do you tell if your boyfriend enjoys how you kiss?

By how often he initiates random kisses. By how often he initiates the kisses in general. And by how long he can spend kissing and petting you before moving on to sex.

If your 15 is there a law that you cant date someone whos 19?

No there is no law that prohibits dating, but sex, kissing, petting might be semi-illegal or no go, depending on where you live.

Is french kissing considered sexual contact?

French kissing is not sexual. Sexual contact iinvolves the sex organs, while French kissing is more of an oral stimulation.

Is doing everything but sexual intercourse still considered sex?

Yes, such things as groping, taking off parts of clothing (usually classified of "petting" in my day) giving hickies (bruised marks on the side of the neck) touching or feeling genitals, but not leading to intercourse are all related to the sex act; even French kissing is as close to the sexual act as one can get and it's meant to mean that. I would say that when your sex organ is inside a body cavity of another person, then you are engaging in sex. Anything else is just playing or fooling around , or petting.

What does sex mean as in kissing?

Kissing is sometimes a prelude to sex but not always.

What is ths sex?

Sex is having intercourse with another person, it also could be petting.

Is breast kissing with only your top off sex?

It is certainly sexual, but is not likely to be classified as "sex" by itself. I would like to note that you can have sex without penetration, without orgasm, and without any direct touching of the genitals at all. I just do not believe that simply kissing the breasts qualifies.

Is kissing sex organs safe?

If your partner is disease free, yes kissing sex organs is safe.

Is sharing candy mouth to mouth considered lesbien or gay?

That would be called kissing. It is not either lesbian or gay, but you could be lesbian or gay if you enjoy kissing people who are the same sex as you are.

What is first 2sd and third base?

It is a way of relating sexual dating or encounters with the game of Baseball.1st base is kissing.2nd base is kissing and petting (rubbing together).3rd base is kissing and heavy petting with finger penetration and hand jobs (or possibly oral activities).Home plate of course is sexual intercourseIt's how you play the GAME that counts.