Is kissing sex organs safe

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If your partner is disease free, yes kissing sex organs is safe.

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Q: Is kissing sex organs safe
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Is french kissing considered sexual contact?

French kissing is not sexual. Sexual contact iinvolves the sex organs, while French kissing is more of an oral stimulation.

What does sex mean as in kissing?

Kissing is sometimes a prelude to sex but not always.

What is the avrige first kiss age?

any age just kiss.the first kiss is sweet so remember safe sex snogging kissing is the age of for sex 18 and snogging any PS don't mind what i said before kissing any so be safe thanks

Is kissing female organs unsanitary?


Can you transmit tonsillitis from sex?

Not because of the sex, but from contact and kissing.

Does you call a kiss a sex or any type of sex?

No. Kissing someone is not sex or a type of sex.

What is the difference between sex chromosome an autosomal chromosome?

the autosome do not control the sex organs . but the sex chromosome control the sex organs

What is the use of semen?

Semen transports the sperm from the male sex organs to the delivering organs, and to the egg cells in the female sex organs.

What is a favorite girls sex move?


What are the main organs for the reproductive system?

Sex Organs

What is genitalia?

Genitalia are the external sex organs of any creature male or femaleGenitalia are the parts of your sex organs.

What makes people to feel good during sex?

During sex, our sex organs are stimulated. There are many nerve endings in our sex organs. This causes the pleasurable feeling