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Yes he is

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Q: Is john cena nice in real life?
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Was john cena in the army in real life?

yes No cena on real life was never in the military

Is john cena gay in real life?


Are charlie cena and john cena related?

No, but John Cena is the real life cousin of WWE wrestler Darren Young.

Does John Cena have a girlfriend in real life?

He is dating Mickie James John never dated Mickie in real life John is married to Liz in real life

Do John Cena and Mickey James have a relationship in real life?

Yes they are dating in real life

Are john cena and the hardys cousins in real life?


In real life is dx friends with john cena?


How old is john cena in real life?

33 (April23,1997)

Is John cena stronger than Kurt in real life?


Are john cena and the rock at war in real life?


Is John Cena friends with Randy Ortan in real life?

Yes they are best friends in real life

Who is john cena's youngest bro.sean cena?

Sean Cena is John cenas real life brother who once struggled with cancer before successfuly beat it