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Q: Is john cena and Zack ryder friends in real life?
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Who is better john cena or Zack ryder?

um probably Ryder, Cena might be able to beat him but only in certain stipulations.

Who is Zack ryder best Friend?

john cena

Which are the best WWE wrestlers?

zack ryder ,john cena and cm punk

Who is john cena's allies?

Rey Mysterio, Zack Ryder, John Morrison, Randy Orton, and The Rock!

Who has not faced undertaker at WrestleMania?

John Cena, Zack Ryder, Daniel Bryan and loads more!

How do you unlock zack ryder?

Complete first part of john cena road to wrestle mania on wwe12

Did eve use Zack Ryder?

Yes eve used zack ryder.On wwe eve said she will use John Cena also.

Are eve Torres and Zack ryder dating?

eve does love zack they shood be together to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who won Kane or John Cena?

Niether. there was a double countout. they fought backstage. Kane found a room with Zack Ryder in it. One thing led to another and then both Cena and Ryder were layed out in the middle of the ring.

Who was John Cena in a love triangle with?

Zack Ryder and Eve Torres. Eve was just using them though, and turned heel in the process.

Does Eve Torres hate John Cena for what he did?

Cena hasn't done anything for Eve to hate him

Which wrestlers are nice?

i feel john cena zack ryder rey mysterio sin cara cm punk and alex riley little bit