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Q: Is it true that you will most likely marry someone who looks like someone in your family?
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Would you ever marry someone for their looks?

No, you don't marry someone for their appearance's .You marry someone for what they they look inside and their feeling's. I would marry a nerd who is really smart and that uses classes. what is to marry someone that has feelings

Is it illgeal to marry someone you are related to?

Most state's (where incest is forbidden) do not allow you to marry direct family members.

Shoud you marry someone not very beautiful?

No..... absolutely not! That all depends if you love her/him.

How is a step family made?

when your mom or dad die and your mom or dad marry someone else that's how a step family is made

Why you shouldn't join the ww1?

1. They will most likely die2. Their friends and family will be gone3. If your engaged your women will probably of run off by then to marry someone else.4. Why die when you have a life to live?:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)Hope this helpedx

Did Draco Malfoy tell Pansy Parkinson to marry him?

Not likely, he married someone else (Astoria Greengrass).

Is it a good decision to be in a relationship or marry someone who has an insanity history of their family?

To be in a relationship, or even marry someone who has a history of mental illness in the family, can be a hard decision. One must realize that the person they are interested in may or may not develop the illness. It depends on what a person is willing to deal with.

Why did greek gods marry their relatives?

if you were immortal and you were looking for someone to marry that wouldn't die very shortly, what choice would you have? (if you have a child with spirits such as dryads you're likely to get a cyclopes)

Why would a man marry someone just because of his family even though he loves you?

Ever watch Pride and Prejudice?

What to do when your boyfriend wants to marry you and your only twelve?

Say no. You are too young to be married. Tell him to wait 6 years. If he does then marry him then. He most likely won't be around by then, but you will no doubt have someone else too !

Did Blanche Scott marry someone and who did he marry?

no did not get married

When you love someone girl but family member choose another for marring it is right or wrong?

You should be able to marry the person you love. No one should choose the person you are going to marry. Some cultures have arranged marriages but they are rare. If you love someone you need to fit for them.