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Yes it is safe.

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2012-11-18 14:54:38
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Q: Is it safe to release sperm inside during pregnancy?
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Is it possible to get pregnant with sperm being inside the colon?

No, sperm in the colon will not result in pregnancy. However, the fact that the sperm is there shows close proximity to the areas that do result in pregnancy.

Can a little sperm can cause pregnancy?

Depends where the semen is, if it is inside, yes.

Can you insert sperm during pregnancy?

Yews you can and is completely safe (atleast for pregnacy since she is already on state) not for STD but u can come inside no problem.

Does the baby eat the sperm during a pregnancy?

The baby is protected by an amniotic sac inside the uterus. Nothing can enter the amniotic sac except by way of the umbilical cord. So, NO, babies don't "eat" anything during the pregnancy.

If already pregnant can other sperm alter your pregnancy?

Highly unlikely. No, typically the egg accepts only one sperm. Any sperm during or after the event will have no affect on the pregnancy. No

What does sperm do for a baby during pregnancy?

It initializes the pregnancy by supplying one half the needed DNA.

Could you be pregnancy if guy sperm you during your period flow?

Unlikely but not impossible

Can the absence of sperm cause pregnancy?

No, sperm are required for pregnancy.

Can a woman get pregnant if the guy put his finger inside on the vagina and pull it?

No. Pregnancy requires your egg and at least one of his sperm cells. Unless he has wet sperm on the intruding finger, pregnancy won't happen.

What if your period went off and the sperm is inside you and your period came back on?

What do you mean exactly? If you mean you finish your period and then got sperm inside you and your period came back it means your pregnancy was a failure

Where does the sperm enter the women?

From what I know, all the guys have to do is release the sperm inside a women and it goes into their womb.

Can a baby's father change during pregnancy?

No, once the egg is fertilized with a sperm and his DNA it can not be changed. The uterus closed and nothing can in in if you are referring to sex during pregnancy.

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