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What do you mean exactly? If you mean you finish your period and then got sperm inside you and your period came back it means your pregnancy was a failure

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โˆ™ 2011-01-19 22:41:34
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Q: What if your period went off and the sperm is inside you and your period came back on?
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Can you get pregnant while on your period but no sperm came out after sex during my period?

Yes you can get pregnant while on your period -

Your boyfriend finish in you now you got your period what do you do?

If your bf came inside you while on your period you can still get preg its just less of a chance if your bf came inside you and then you got your period then ur not preg

Does sperm run out of you after he goes inside of you?

It can... and even if it feels like it "all" came out ... you still can get pregnant.

Your partner never came inside but you are 5 day late for your period?

Pre-cum can also contain sperm hence making you pregnant. The safest way to avoid getting pregnant is to ALWAYS use a condom.

What if your period never came back on after sex it was spotting here and there but not a period?

you might be pregnant

Your fiance came inside of you a week before your period and now period is late can it be that im pregnant?

It"s possible

Can you get pregnant if you miss the last pill but came your period and he came inside?

If you forget to take you pill there is a chance that you could be pregnant.

Is there a chance you could be pregnant if your boyfriend has never came inside you?

First off, are you sleeping with anyone else? Perhaps someone besides your boyfriend "came" inside you. Also sperm are very resilient, they can probably swim across bed sheets.

My boyfriend came inside me and then two days later he came inside of me twice could i be pregnant?

yes, definately! it depends when you had your last period. as you know, your period is your body releasing unfertilised eggs. so if you are just after, you might be lucky, or unlucky, depends on your point of view!

Sex 4 days before your period is there a chance im pregnant?

if he came inside you,yeah. there is a chance.

How long did Napoleon rule after he came back from exile?

It was a period called the 100 days.

You stopped your pill with a one week of pills left you got your period one week early fourteen days later you had unprotected sex he came inside you could you be pregnant?

If you did not go back on the pill immediately after your period ended, then yes you could be pregnant.

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