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Spotting, along with discharge are totally normal.

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Q: Is it normal to spot days after your menstrual cycle?
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Is it ok to spot if your pregnant after your first missed period?

Is it normal to spot if your pregnant during what should have been your menstrual cycle

Do you spot blood before your first menstrual cycle?

yes i do

When do girls start their menstrual cycle?

Girls start their menstrual cycle when they grow public hair and develop breasts. When you spot white stains in your clothing that's when you've begun the cycle. If you'd like to avoid these markings in your undergarments start wearing pads.

Is it normal to spot a few days after period?


What are the symptoms of embryo that is implanting?

you can experience pre menstrual like cramps and spot bleeding do not confuse this will an actual menstrual cycle if you are in doubt you could be pregant ensure you visit your GP.

Do you start counting your menstrual cycle when you first begin to spot or when you first bleed?

I count from the day it starts bleeding. However some people count from the last day of spotting until their next period. This can be quite confusing so what I do is I'll mark the first day of my period w/ a little dot on my calendar and then count twenty-eight days until the next one should occur...

Is it normal to spot two days before your period and have a 2-3 day period?

yes depending on age, stress and when it come it comes periods are a cycle of a womans life cycle. you just starting early.

What happens if your dog doesn't bleed with heat cycle?

This is normal - not all dogs spot or bleed during their heat cycle.

Are you pregnant if you spot bleed before your period?

No it's just the menstrual cycle so maybe you're just having your period now

Is it normal to spot after two weeks of period?

Well it can happen . It happens at least twice to a women in her lifetime . It can depend on if you're having sexual intercourse , having sex triggers your menstrual cycle because generally when you have sex your body automatically tries to conceive and get ready for Pregnacy . But if you haven't had sex then after another couple of days get checked.

Is it normal to spot for a few days a week before your period?

Yes, it is very normal and to feel out of sorts is also normal.

Is it normal to spot for more than 2 weeks?

no, go to a doctor, the normal is about 2-7 days!!

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