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Yes, it's normal to just stop having periods at the age of 48. Menopause is normal from around ages 45-55, menopause is when your body starts to stop ovulating - as you no longer ovulate you no longer menstruate.

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2014-07-18 03:40:29
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Q: Is it normal to just stop having periods at age 48?
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Is It Normal for you first time period to just stop?

Yes as it it is the first time you are having your periods it may start and then stop and start again.

Does having a bath during periods stop the periods?

No, having a bath during periods does not stop periods. Menstruation isdetermined by your menstrual cycle, water is amazing but it does not have the magical ability to stop time in order to stop menstruation.

Can taking iron tables Stop you having periods?

No, they just put more iron in your blood

Why am i having my period while on the pill?

The pill does not stop you from having your period. Having lighter periods or skipping some are normal. But you should still have your period otherwise you may be pregnant.

Can you stop having pierids when you have a child?

no u cant stop having periods if u have a child

What will stop you from having periods?

Birth Control and obesity

How can you stop your piriod?

it doesn't stop till you are 50.Periods can come heavy,normal or weak.

How do you stop a dog from having periods?

You have to get the dog spayed. Once her reproductive organs are removed periods will cease.

Does a copper IUD stop periods?

There is nothing in the IUD that will stop you from ovulating and having a menstrual period.

When do you stop having periods?

40 -50 years old usually

How can i sure that I'm pregnant?

If you stop having your periods is the #1 given

Is it normal to stop having periods after getting sober?

Im not a doctor, but i dont think so. i got sober an still have mine. if you havent already get a pregnancy test.

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