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Im not a doctor, but i dont think so. i got sober an still have mine. if you havent already get a pregnancy test.

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Q: Is it normal to stop having periods after getting sober?
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When was What's the Use of Getting Sober created?

What's the Use of Getting Sober was created in 1942.

Is green day sober?

No there just having fun

What is the normal alcohol level in a sober person?

Less than .01%.

Is sober an inappropriate word?

No, "sober" is not an inappropriate word. It typically means having a clear mind or being free from the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What does soberingup mean?

Sobering up means getting sober, as in not drinking alcohol.

Sentence using the word soberly?

When speaking at a funeral you should speak soberly and carefully> It is important to be sober when getting into a car and driving. The boy was sober, and was just being himself.

What is the comparative and superlative of sober?

more sober and most sober He was more sober than me. But she was the most sober of all of us

Is Eminem on krack?

No!! If he was he wouldn't be writing about being sober and having his album being named recovery as in recovering from drugs.

What is vivitrol?

Vivitrol is used to treat opioid dependence. It cannot cure addiction but works by binding to opioid receptors and blocks them from being activated by opioid use. In the early stages of getting sober, it can prevent an addict from getting high. It can only be useful when the addict has a free strong will to get sober.

What is the simile for sober?

As sober as a judge.

What is the opposite of getting?

The opposite is staying sober and not allowing foreign contaminants into the system in order to reach a "higher plane".

How can you drink a lot and stay sober?

Alcohol tolerance permits people to consume more without getting intoxicated.