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Q: Is it normal to have headache during period?
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Why do you get a headache when you first start your period?

It is one of the many pains you get when you get your period. It is completely normal. If you want to take some tylenol.

What medicine can you take for a headache during menstruation?

Menstruation does not affect headaches. You can have normal medicine during menstruation also.

Is it normal to feel stressed during your period?

It is completely normal.

Is an acupressure headache a normal headache?

The International Headache Society does not recognize a diagnosis of Acupressure Headache or Normal Headache. There are many different types of headache disorders however, and some types may be triggered by acupressure.

Can you get a normal period during implantation?


A period of unresponsiveness during a normal heartbeat is called?

refractory period.

Is it normal to have bone pain when your period is on?

the pain start before the period 2 days, and all my joints hurt a lot...all my bones...sometimes headache is it normal to have all these symptoms, am 41 years old

Is it normal for a headache everyday?

It is not normal for a haedache everyday.

Is it normal to have a headache when your allergies are bothering you?

Headaches can happen anytime during whole day or night. So it can happen during allergies too.

Why do you get a really bad headache when you cry and is this normal?

a bad headache can be normal after a very "hard cry". Very simply put, when you cry, there is increased pressure exerted in the eye area and sinuses. Your blood pressure also increases during the period of crying. Hence, you can get a really bad, "slammin'" headache. Emotional stress can translate into physical tension as well, and that tension can manifest in the muscles of the neck and head, leading to another means by which you can get a headache while crying. after an intense period of crying (during, if you can manage it), try to drink a full glass of water and take an anti-inflammatory drug, such as ibuprofen (if you are medically safe to do so--if you have no medical condition that precludes you from taking that)

Is it normal to feel sexually aroused during my period?

It is normal to feel like you want to have sex on your period. A woman's hormones are going wild when on their period.

Virgin Queef only during period is this normal how to stop?

this is normal you can't really stop it and it's only during your period if you are really worried consult your doctor

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