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Yes. At the beginning or the end of the cycle. If it's brown for the entire time, you may have a vitamin deficiency (iron). Check with a doctor. It could be a sign of something else.

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Q: Is it normal to have dark brown blood when your on your menstrual cycle?
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Is it normal for your menstrual cycle to be brown?

The term menstrual cycle refers to your entire reproductive cycle, I think you mean menstruation or your period. Menstrual flow can be brown when it is light as it takes time for the blood to leave the body and it goes brown as it gets old, it also mixes with discharge which changes the colour too.

What does it mean when you have dark brown discharge andblood?

It is dried blood and very normal for your body to get rid of it at the end of your menstrual cycle.

Is pinkish blood normal during menstrual cycle?

If you mean lighter blood, then yes, that's normal. Your period will be heavier at different times during your menstrual cycle. Hope this helped!! ~gaangel95~ WikiGuide

What is causing your menstrual cycle to be brown?

Menstrual cycle refers to your reproductive cycle, I think you mean menstruation or your period. Menstrual flow can be brown when your period is light, the blood takes time to leave the body so turns brown just like any other blood would as it gets old, and it mixes with discharge.

Is bright red blood normal during menstrual cycle?

Not more than a tiny amount. Menstrual fluid is not blood, but disintegrating cells.

Is it normal to have brown discharge and im not pregnant?

Yes. It's just left over from your last menstrual cycle, and your body is releasing it when you begin your next menstrual cycle.

If the length of menstrual bleeding is 7 days after menstrual cycle is that normal?

If you're asking if its normal to have a 7 day menstrual cycle the answer is yes.

Brownish blood during period?

There is nothing wrong with brown blood at the end of the menstrual cycle, it is oxidized blood. This means you are nearing the end of they cycle and your body is "cleaning" itself out.

What does having brown blood during a menstrual cycle mean if you are not on the pill or having sexual intercourse?

Basically, menstrual 'blood' is not just blood, it's the remains of the tissue that has built up - so it is not unusual for it to come in a different colour than normal, red blood. Chances are it means absolutely nothing :)

Is a menstrual cycle of 45 days normal?

Yes, a 45 day cycle is still considered normal. The average menstrual cycle is 28 days but everyone is different and as such a longer cycle is perfectly normal.

What does brown blood in your menstrual cycle mean?

Brown blood is old blood. Sometimes menstrual blood can pool when you sit or lie down then when you stand up it will flow but will be a brown color. If you have brown spotty blood or a very light period and have had unprotected intercourse, you may want to take a pregnancy test. Sometimes implantation bleeding can be mistaken for a period.

Is it normal to have a 49 day menstrual cycle?


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