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No, it's not normal to have blood in your urine during your period.

If you are using external menstrual products like pads, or internal products like tampons or softcups that can leak, then blood lingering around the vaginal opening or vulva will be washed off by urine as you urinate and so there will be blood in the toilet bowl. If there is blood in the urine itself, not from menstrual flow, then it is a sign of a urinary tract infection (common if you use commercial menstrual pads such as Always or Kotex) and you should talk to your doctor.

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Q: Is it normal to have blood in your urine during your period?
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Is there blood in normal urine?

No Normal urine should not include any traces of blood.

What does brownish black blood mean as the first day of your period?

Brownish black blood on first day of your period is normal. This means that it is blood that may have stayed for a while in the urine folds or blood that was there for a while waiting to be released.

What is the normal volume of urine excreated in a 24hr period?

What is the normal volume of urine excreted in a 24-hour period? 1.0 - 1.8 liters

Do dogs have blood in urine?

No, that's not normal for dogs.

Is it normal for red nose puppy to pee blood?

It is NEVER normal for a puppy to pee blood. If there is blood in the urine contact your vet

Does menstruation affect a urine test?

urine test during menstruation reveal presence of blood in urine and red blood cells

Your periods areirregular but when you get them your urine is like pure blood especially first thing in the morning im 46yrs old?

Next time you get your period, try wiping as if doing a "clean catch" urine specimen before you urinate in the morning. If there is still blood in your urine in the morning during your period, contact your health care provider for an exam.

What is normal white blood count urine?


Is it normal to bleed during intercourse the day after you finish your period?

No, it is not normal too urinate blood at any time. The blood is coming from the uterus via the vagina; urine comes from the bladder via the urethra. Now when you are on your period it might look like there is blood in your urine, but there is not, so if you are now urinating blood, then there is something wrong.

Is it bad to get a urine infection while on your period?

Yes it is possible to get an infection or even STD during menstruation.

Why would blood be in hamster urine?

Ummm.....they might be having their period.

Your period always been regulare but this month you had spotting instead of normal period blood test and urine test both negative can you still be pregnant?

iam very worry , please answer my question as soon as you can , thanks.