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Brownish black blood on first day of your period is normal. This means that it is blood that may have stayed for a while in the urine folds or blood that was there for a while waiting to be released.

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2014-06-25 16:33:20
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Q: What does brownish black blood mean as the first day of your period?
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Are you supposed to have brown blood on your first period?

In the first few days of your period it's the old blood coming out and that is always brownish. It gets lighter after that.

When you get your first period can there be brownish stuff instead of blood?

that happens before you get it! you only get it when it's just blood.

Is it your first period when you have black blood?

Yes, your first period starts with dark-looking blood.

How do you know if you get your period for the first time?

its brownish or red

What does it look like when you start your period?

The blood itself varies in color... it could be brownish, brownish-red, red, dark red, redish-pink, bright red, or anything, really. For me, my first period was bright red and gooey. icky. i know. Have a happy period!

Is it normal to have brownish discharge when you start your first period?

Yes it is.

What color is it when you first start your period?

Menstrual blood can be anywhere from a brown, rusty color, to a bright blood red, to a very dark (almost black) red. For me personally, my first period was brownish red and had a very light flow. I think most women who have been menstruating for a while usually see this shade near the end of their periods.

What does you period look like?

Wel your first period usually is brownish and smells VERY bad. Then probably by the next one you should see more red blood. Its darkish red.

Is brown vaginal discharge normal before a period?

Yes, it can be a sign that your period is coming. Some women pass some brownish fluid which is old blood just before they start passing bright red. As they move past the first few days the fluid they pass turns brownish again.

What does the very first period look like?

A first period is usually brownish discharge mixed with blood. It is also usually lighter the first time and expect to get stomach cramps and you'll probably be feeling moody. DOn't worry about the amount of blood though because usually you only loose 2-3 tablespoons of it. Hope I Helped. (:

What does it mean if your 12 and you got your period for the first time and its brown and poop like?

It probably means that your period was very light and thus didn't come all the way out. That gave it time to get old, and old blood turns brownish and thickens.

Why do women sometimes have brown stuff in the crotch of their panties?

A brownish discharge is old blood. When blood is coming from the uterus during a period, it begins as pinkish (light bleeding), then redder or maroonish color (heavier bleeding with or without clumps called blood clots). Toward the end of a period, the flow becomes lighter and brownish colored. Brownish means "old blood", e.g. the blood has clotted from the source, like it is supposed to, so now the flow is just whatever blood was already created before. If you cut your finger and put a bandage on it, first you'd see reddish blood, but after the body creates a clot to stop fresh bleeding, you would see brownish blood forming with the scab on the wound. Same principle for what's happening in the uterus, except there is no scabbing when the body stops the active bleeding.

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