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For some people it is try using lotion on it daily! :)

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โˆ™ 2010-04-01 14:32:10
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Q: Is it normal for the tattoo to look and feel dry?
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Is it normal to have dry and itchy skin over a tattoo or around it after just getting it done a week or so ago and if not what do I do to fix the problem?

Yes it is normal. After a week or week and a half you should start applying lotion to the tattoo.

Why does the tattoo ink dry when I'm tattoo?

you take too long? not sure what your asking

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While giving a tattoo Should you wipe with a wet paper towel or a dry one?


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What if you only put ointment on your tattoo the first day then leave it dry?

You do not want your tattoo to dry out and scab up right after you got iit else it splits the onk always keep it moist

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Can you take a shower with a new tattoo?

Yes, you can shower with a new tattoo. Your shower should be quick and you should avoid wetting the area of the new tattoo for any longer than necessary. Pat your tattoo dry, instead of rubbing it.

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