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as a girl, I think that's cute. I like shy guys than overly confident guys...these guys tend to be jerks.

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Q: Is it normal for shy guys to feel nervous around a girl that they like?
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Does a boy gets nervous around a girl?

It is common for some boys to feel nervous around girls they are attracted to, just as it is common for anyone to feel nervous around someone they admire. This is a natural response caused by feelings of vulnerability, excitement, and uncertainty.

How do you ask out a girl if your nervous?

use msn or facebook if you get nervous around the girl

How do you know you love a girl?

Well when your around them you might feel funny or be really nervous when around them talking to them. The best thing to do is let it out tell her everybody !!!

There is a girl in your class and you like her but you always feel nervous when you talk to her what can you do?

well..., tell her how u feel

Why is this girl intimidated and nervous around you?

i might be wrong but (I'm a girl) normally when i get nervous around a boy i normally like them or is scared of you but i mostly find if i am nervous around boys then i have a crush on them i hope this answers your question

Do girls get nervous around a guy if she knows the guy has a crush on her?

It is possible for a girl to feel nervous around a guy if she knows he has a crush on her. This can be because she might be unsure about how she feels, worried about leading him on, or feeling self-conscious and unsure of how to act. However, everyone is different, and not all girls will necessarily feel nervous in this situation.

Why does this girl make me nervous?

You may feel nervous around this girl due to a fear of rejection, a lack of confidence, or perhaps you have feelings for her. It's important to identify the root cause of your nervousness to address it effectively. Communication and understanding your emotions can help alleviate the nervousness you feel.

How does an emo get a hot girl?

Different options include:By not being emo.Relating to the girl's issues.Being someone vulnerable that the girl can help and nurture.Making the girl feel special by her being the only one that the emo can talk to, relate to, or feel normal around.

Do guys get nervous around girls?

Yes, guys can get nervous around girls, just as girls can get nervous around guys. It's a normal human reaction when feeling attracted or wanting to make a good impression. Confidence and self-assurance can help alleviate some of those nerves.

This girl wants to talk to you but you feel that you cant do it but you want to What is wrong with you?

You're nervous :) ;)

Do guys scratch head when nervous?

yes, sometimes when nervous around a girl there attracted too.

Why was she so reserved and hesitant?

She might like you and feel shy around you because she likes you. She might not feel very comfortable being around you because you might make her nervous. This could be the reason why she feels more comfortable around others.