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I don't think plane travels will affect the baby, but a pregnant woman should not stress.

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Q: Is it healthy for a pregnant woman to travel?
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Can a pregnant woman travel Korea?

yes (:

Is pineapple harmful for pregnant woman?

Not at all, all fruits are healthy.

Is it healthy for pregnant women to do P90X?

Definitly not. These workouts are so INTENSE that it would be very unsafe for any pregnant woman to do.

Is 39 too old to get pregnant?

They say after thirty five its high risk but I would say that pregnancy is beautiful and who cares how old you are if you want one go for it.

Is it healthy for a pregnant woman to work graveyard?

If you are getting enough sleep, it shouldn't matter at all.

How much more should you eat when pregnant?

There is no set amount that a woman should eat when she is pregnant. She should eat healthy and eat when she is hungry.

Can you get pregnant by putting a cucumber in your but?

No. The only way you can get pregnant is when a penis enters a woman's vagina. The penis will ejaculate, the sperm cell will travel(swim) to the woman's ovarian tubes and that creates a baby

Is it OK to travel by air when you are 34 weeks pregnant?

It would be inadvisable to travel as heavily pregnant as 34 weeks. The safest time to travel during pregnancy is the second trimester (12 - 24 weeks). Any woman over 28 weeks pregnant must be carrying a note from a doctor or midwife explaining that the pregnancy is normal and that you are very healthy and fit to fly. It must also have your expected due date stated on it. If you are expecting twins and/or suffer from diabetes, it is inadvisable to travel at any stage of pregnancy.

What is a healthy pulse for a woman who is pregnant?

My wife has 88 in pulse and she is in week 13.