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not really because if you say it on the phone that making a girl feel like you a punk or scared to say it in her face

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โˆ™ 2010-10-21 16:04:46
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Q: Is it good to say i love you to a girl on phone?
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Is it good to say i love you on the phone to a girl?

If you mean it. I'm a girl, and I know I would appreciate it, but make sure that you would say it in person too.

How do you impress a girl on phone?

just say i love you or say i fancy you

If a girl says i love you in a text does it mean you can say it on the phone?

yah of course !

What do you say when a girl ask you too tell me something good?

Say i love you baby

Why do girl say they love you when they don't really mean it?

Girls feel good when they say "i love you" . Some girls say it just to get there boyfriend to say it back.

How do I say i love you to a girl?

just say it.....I LOVE YOU

Is it normal for a girl and her boyfriend to not have much to say when they are on the phone?

Yes it is normal, me and my guy never say much when on the phone. Its because love is about seeing and feeling not just hearing. Hope this helped!

What do you say to get a girl to fall in love with you on the phone?

Youv gotta be a nice, sweet, kind, loving, funny guy before a girl will fall for you dude.

How should you say i love you to a girl?

complement her then say i love you

How is a good way to tell a 13 year old girl who is your friend that you're in love with her?

Personally I would be to shy to say it in person so I would do it over the phone so she could not see how red I was. Good Luck!

How do you impress a girl in cell phone?

When you are going to send a text or coming to the end of your call always text or say 'I love you'.

What to say a girl that u love?

There are many things that you say to the girl that you love. You can tell her you love her tell her what makes her happy.

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