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No, she would still be a cheating slut.

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Q: Is it fair if a wife cuckolds her sissified husband?
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Who said''Then hie you hence to Fair Laurence's cell There stays a husband to make you a wife''?

the nurse

Husband wants to add wife to deed and add third party as joint tenancy what are fair percentages of ownership?

The third party should only claim the percentage they put into the property. Husband and wife's share should be divided 50/50. For example Husband 40% - Wife 40% - third party 20% Or Husband 20% - Wife 20% - thrid party 60% Get the idea? Husband and wife share equally.

Is it fair for a husband to know every person his wife interact with?

No. That's stupid, over protective and kinda weird.

What is cuckold husband?

A husband is a man who is married. A cuckold is a married man whose wife/partner is sexually active another man (or other men). The adding of "husband" to cuckold is reundant, strictly speaking, as all cuckolds are husbands. However, in contemporary usage, cuckolding is also a BDSM feitsh in which one partner gets a masochistic thrill from the other partner's "non-monogamy." In this feitsh the "cuckold" need not be married, so the term "cuckold husband" is sometimes used to indicate the marital bond.

What is the opposite of wife?


Does a PA huband have rights to wife's inheritance?

No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.

Can you wife say no to sex to her husband?

Yes, a wife can refuse sex to her husband. If the husband were to force his wife to have sex it is rape.

Can brothers of the husband and wife be brothers in law?

The husband's brother is a brother-in-law to the wife. The wife's brother is a brother-in-law to the husband. However, the husband's brother is not related to the wife's brother.

What does spouse mean?

It means partner husband/wife

What is another word for husband or wife?

spouse means husband or wife.

Husband and wife relationship?

Husband and wife relationship is called a marriage.

What is the result of husband and wife analsexx?

Whenever a husband and wife anal sex (husband puts in his anus in wife anus) it results a baby