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Husband and wife relationship is called a marriage.

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Q: Husband and wife relationship
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What does widowed mean like for a relationship?

A widowed relationship is when the wife's husband dies or gets murdered.

What relationship is your wife' sister's husband?

Your wife's sister's husband is your wife's brother-in-law, but is not related to you.

What relationship did ariadne and dionysus have?

Wife and husband.

What is the relationship between your husband's brother's wife?

Nothing, your husband's brother is your brother in law but his wife isnt related

What is a husband's relationship to a son of his wife fathered by another man and born before the husband and wife married?


Can you have a wife on Oblivion?

No you can't have a wife, a girlfriend, a husband, a boyfriend, or anything, that involves a relationship.

What does widowed mean on facebook?

it means that if your 'husband or wife has died ' ,

What are bacon's observation about the relationship between husband and wife?


What is the stage called where the husband and wife refocus on their relationship?

It is rejuvenation

What is the relationship between nutrition and healthy?

wife & husband = family

What word relates to marriage or the relationship between husband and wife?


Can a husband sim beat the wife sim on sims 2 pets?

The husband can only beat the wife if there relationship is in the Negatives (-1 through -100)