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Husband and wife relationship is called a marriage.

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Q: Husband and wife relationship
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What relationship is your brother's wife to your husband's father?

There is no relationship between your brother's wife and your husband's father.

What relationship is your wife' sister's husband?

Your wife's sister's husband is your wife's brother-in-law, but is not related to you.

What relationship name do you call your husband's nephew's wife?

The English language has not relationship name for the wife of your husband's nephew. You are not considered to be related.

What is a wife's relationship to a husband's niece?

The wife would be an Aunt to the niece, as the husband would be the uncle.

What relationship did ariadne and dionysus have?

Wife and husband.

What is the relationship between Odysseus and Penelope?

They are husband and wife.

What is relationship between nag and nagaina?

they are husband and wife.

What is the harmonious relationship between husband and wife?


What is the relationship between your husband's brother's wife?

Nothing, your husband's brother is your brother in law but his wife isnt related

What is a relationship that suits both parties?

husband and wife, husband filing and wife has signed thedivorce papers served on her.

What is a widowed relationship?

A widowed relationship is when the wife's husband dies or gets murdered.

How should be the relationship between husband and wife in respect of Islam?

Islam gives the more respect to the husband and wife relationship than other religions. And in Islam the relationship between Husband and Wife should be good and both meet the obligation of each other according to the Islam.

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