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it means that if your 'husband or wife has died ' ,

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It means that your husband or wife have died and you are no longer in a relationship so your widowed.

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Q: What does widowed mean on facebook?
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What does widowed mean like for a relationship?

Widowed is when a wife's, husband dies.

What is the definition of the word widowed?

The definition of the word widowed mean that one is single because of the unfortunate death of his or her spouse. A spouse being a husband or a wife of one.

Was Woodrow Wilson widowed?

yes he was a widowed

How can you use widowed in a sentence?

I was widowed in 1983.

Can your mother who is widowed marry your father-in-law who is also widowed?

Yes, your mother who is widowed can marry your father-in-law who is also widowed. This does not mean your mother or the father-in-law has forgotten or stopped loving their deceased mates, but companionship is important for a couple and hopefully both sides of the family will be happy for your mother and father-in-law.

What does widowed mean?

It means that a person's spouse (husband or wife) has died. A widow is a woman whose husband has died. Widowed is the adjective form. (A man whose wife dies is a widower.) "Widowed" also can mean one line on a page - it couldn't fit on the page before. It probably derives from the loneliness of the widow.

Does Facebook make people mean?

No, but mean people may use Facebook.

Is widowed the plural to widow?

No, the plural for the noun widow is widows.The word 'widowed' is an adjective, a word that describes a noun: my widowed sister.

What does widowhood mean?

Widowhood - the state of being widowed by a spouse, meaning life after that spouse has died.

Can you join if you are not on Facebook?

If you mean this site, yes. You do not have to be on Facebook.

What does tbs stand for on Facebook?

What does tbs mean on Facebook

What is a widowed relationship?

A widowed relationship is when the wife's husband dies or gets murdered.

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