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No professional body piercer is going to let you use alcohol to clean your piercing, it's too hard on the piercing and kills the new tissue trying to form. Follow the written aftercare instructions your professional body piercer provided you with during your piercing.

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Q: Is it bad to use rubbing alcohol to clean a lip piercing?
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Is Rubbing Alcohol good for pierced ears?

Actually, its really bad for your piercings. It kills healthy cells that help your ears heal. Use natural sea salt and warm water to clean them.

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This is a stupid question.

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Do you have to use sea salt to clean your piercing?

Yes. Natural sea salt. Table salt can have things added to it and that can be bad for the piercing. Its just the safest bet :)

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Is it bad if you get a belly piercing and swim after a couple weeks?

Yes, because your piercing is still healing and open to bacteria. I would wait at least TWO months.