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The stopping isn't bad, but the starting is.

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Q: Is it bad to stop smoking for 4 years after smoking for 20 and then start again for a year?
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How can you stop smoking marijuana?

Just stop smoking it and avoid being around those who do.

What if your sperm volume has decreased a lot the past few years?

You'll have greater difficulty having children. To increase it again, stop smoking weed (if applicable), and start eating healthier things like broccoli.

Why do you get headaches after you stop drinking alcohol after many years?

Because your brain get start to get normal again!

How long does cannabinoid hyperemesis last after cessation of smoking?

been smoking for years. 10-12 episodes. stopped for 6 months was all good. started smoking again,6 weeks later,another episode. stop again . all good. started again. 4 weeks later,another episodes. im still smoking now,but slowing down. its 100% the reason for these episodes.

How do you stop my mom smoking?

there are two ways. one way is to clean up her blood and another is start smoking your self and tell her that you will stop when she stops.

Does smoking weed stop your chances for getting pregnant?

please dont start smoking weed it is illeal and dont be one of those and no it will not stop pregnancy

How do you get rid of the smell of smoke on yourself?

Stop smoking - Start bathing

Do dumb people smoke more?

Yes. If they were smart, they'd stop or at least try to stop smoking. And they'd be dumb anyway to even start smoking.

How do you get your singing voice back after 2 years of smoking?

Stop smoking get healthy and take some classes.

How do you prevent throat cancer?

Smoking is a main cause of throat cancer, so to prevent it, I would suggest you stop smoking if you do, or don't start smoking.

How many kids start smoking young?

why smoking is so hard to stop? why is so addictive? why is so bad for us?