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i dont believe it is :/

but someone can maybe charge you for touching themthere if its not wanted

idk 1 :P

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โˆ™ 2010-04-23 23:54:30
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Q: Is it a illegal to put your finger in somebody's belly button?
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How can you find someone 2 finger your belly button?

Ask your boyfriend/girlfriend to wiggle their finger in your belly button. They might do it.

Why does it tickle when someone twirls their finger in your belly button?

Because your belly button is sensitive.

To dream that your bleeding from your belly button?

My son pointed his finger at his wifes belly button & said your belly button is bleeding while still asleep. This scared my daughter in law.

What happens if you stick your finger in your belly button?

You find your missing socks.

How do you make your belly expand?

insert your index finger and middle finger on both hands into your belly button. after inserting, pull outwards. hope this helped

How do you make yourself go to the bathroom?

I stick my finger in my belly button and jiggle my finger. That makes me have to go!

What is the pain above the belly button?

dont have a clue maybe your finger nails are to long

How fast do tortoise grow?

Stick your finger in your belly button and smell it and think really hard.

How do you tickle a bellybotton?

Stick your finger lightly into the belly button and lightly press and wiggle it. Lightly move it in and out and tickle the belly around it too.

How big can your belly button get?

Awww sorry .... your belly button does not grow, it always remains that annoying size where you can't quite get your finger to poke out that last bit of blue fluff from down deep.

Can your belly button get a infection from the inside without a piercing?

well when your belly button is very deep and you dont clean it often things can build up and get infected, what would help is fingering your belly button with a q-tip or your finger and cleaning it, if there is an infection you should see your doctor.

What body part was Alfred Hitchcock missing?

His belly button. It was "covered" during an operation.

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