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Its bad inhaling or not inhaling because its still going to get in your lungs.

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Yes, it is.

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Q: Is inhaling smoke from a match bad?
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Is crushing up smarties and inhaling them and blowing out smoke bad for you?

ummm... YES!! the only thing you SHOULD be inhaling is AIR! not smarties or smoke or what ever > >

How do you clean your lungs of cigarettes?

Don't smoke. It destroys your lungs. Sorry if this is a bad answer because i don't know why smoking is bad but here's what i know: you're inhaling smoke when you smoke and inhaling smoke is bad.

Is smoking black smoke bad for you?

Inhaling smoke (of whatever color) is never good for your health. Your lungs will get dirty.

Does exposure to secondhand smokes carries the same long-term health risks as smoking?

Short answer: yes. Long answer, inhaling cigarette smoke is bad, inhaling diluted cigarette smoke is less bad -- but given ten years, not good.

Is suddenly quitting smoking bad for you?

No definitely not. there is absolutely nothing in inhaling smoke into your system that is good for you.

Does inhaling cannabis smoke affect you even if you not smoking it yourself?

yes! it is just as bad as secondhand smoking

How to smoke?

You smoke by inhaling from the filter end of a cigarette.

Is smoking weed bad for your lumgs?

Inhaling smoke from anything is bad for your lungs and kills brain cells, whether it be from cigarettes, marijuana, or your bbq grill.

What is there in smoking that is bad to the health?

Well, there is the factor of nicotine (which in most cases is harmful and addictive), Inhaling tobacco, the second to main cancer giver, and also continually inhaling second hand smoke. It's like breathing normally in a smoke filled, burning building.

How do you smoke corn silk?

Don't do that. Inhaling smoke is not good for your lungs.

Is inhaling smoke from a camp fire dangerous?

I wouldn't think so; as long as you don't purposely do it. Of course, repeated inhaling of smoke can be harmful to your lungs.

What is direct smoking?

Direct smoking is purposely smoking and inhaling the smoke. Indirect smoking is the person near the smoker inhaling the second hand smoke.