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No. The norm is that when you are pregnant you have no period. See a doctor about your hormones, having your period twice in one month is not normal.

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2012-01-07 09:57:09
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Q: Is having your period twice a month then spotting a sign of pregnancy?
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Is having a period twice in a month a sign of pregnancy?

No it is the opposite. Not having one is.

You had a normal period last month this month you had spotting Should you take a pregnancy test?

If you are on birth control then that is normal because it is a side effect. Bleeding between periods can be pregnancy BUT its depends on the person. There are many other reasons why you can be spotting.

Are you pregnant if you don't have your period one month but spotting the next month?

It is possible. You should take a home pregnancy test and/or see a Dr.

Are you pregnant if you did not have your period last month and lasted for only one day this month?

You could be, and the one day period could actually be spotting which is common in early pregnancy. Do yourself (and the possible baby) a favor and get a pregnancy test.

8th month dark brown spotting what does this mean?

There are several causes for dark brown spotting at 8 months in a pregnancy. These include preterm labor and having sex.

How long could it be before my next period I took the morning after pill 24 hours after sex and I had my last period a month ago and I had some spotting 1 week before having sex?

It depends. Get a pregnancy test to be sure.

What if you haven't had your period in months and you just have spotting?

i had sex in sept.4th in the next week i was spotting in my period havent came on none this month in i took a home pregnancy test in it came back neg. in now im having light spottin in my boyfriend sleeping alot wat do that mean

How do you stop spotting in your 6th month of pregnancy?

See your doctor IMMEDIATELY.

Is spotting blood normal on your 4 month of pregnancy?

4 month of pregnancy blood come out it is normal or some serious problem

Is there a chance of pregnancy if you began spotting 2 weeks after your period went off for a week with cramping and nausea?

unless the next month you miss your period and you dont have one no. Cramping and nausea come with your period

Is having your period while pregnant a myth?

Not exactly. Some women have bleeding in the first month of two of pregnancy, but it is not technically a period. Also, if you have heavy bleeding during pregnancy, you might actually be having a miscarriage.

Period came 5 days early and stayed 3 days long now i am spotting. what does this mean because it came 2 weeks late last month but this month i have flu like symptoms also after having unprotected sex?

take a pregnancy test how was your period was it heavy or clotting or dark red or light red

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