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When you become pregnant, your body is producing more blood and fluids hence the reason for frequent urination. It can happen during early pregnancy. Yes, from what I've heard. But I don't believe it's an early symptom of pregnancy, because it is only a zygote/embryo at that point. The larger it is (i.e., the fetus) the more pressure it puts on your bladder, thus causing you to want to pee. Yes! The uterus immediatly starts to enlarge to make room for the baby and this causes pressure on you bladder. You may not have to pee every hour, or you might, but you will notice an increase in bathroom visits. but if you are a boy..... i don't know what to tell you =p

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Q: Is having to pee frequently a sign of pregnancy?
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If you pee a lot are you peagnant?

There are many reasons for peeing a lot. Peeing a lot CAN be a sign of pregnancy, but not on its own, and generally not until later on in pregnancy

Why do i feel cold and need to pee a lot?

If a person is cold a lot and has to pee often may have a cold. The person could also be pregnant, because the urge to pee is a sign of pregnancy.

When a negative sign is faded on a pregnancy test what does that mean?

Do the test again!! You maybe did it wrong or not enough pee!!

Frequent Urination is that a sign of pregnancy?

No, I pee all the time after eating popcorn. I'm not pregnant. If you want to know if your pregnant go get a pregnancy test.

If it burns when you pee is it a sign of pregnancy?

No. It sounds more like you either havea urinary tract infection or a STD.

If you pee a lot during your pregnancy does that mean you are having a boy or a girl?

It doesn't mean anything, it's very common for pregnancy carrying both male and female babies.

When your pregnant do you wake up early?

Later in the pregnancy, the fetus will push on your bladder, which can cause you to need to pee more often than usual. But apart from that waking up early is not a recognized sign of pregnancy.

Can a dog pee on a pregnantcy stick?

Okay, a dog can pee on a pregnancy stick but sometimes it might fail/not be true but most times it is to yes a dog can pee on a pregnancy stick.

Can you have an ultra sound done without having to take a pregnancy test?

Well you are the one paying for it but they decide at the clinic. It's not that hard to pee in a cup. If the pregnancy is early they wont see anything.

Is it normal to have to pee very frequently when you are pregnant?

It is very normal to pee more frequently when pregnant than you did before you were. (In fact, it can be considered one of the top signs you are pregnant.) You urinate more because the baby is pressing on your bladder causing you to hold less fluid then you normally do. A helpful article is linked in the right column. Frequent urination is very common and healthy during pregnancy. It is caused by the growing fetus putting pressure on your bladder which flattens it out and does not allow for it to hold as much urine. You may also find that the further along you become in your pregnancy, the more frequent you have to urine because the babys growth puts more pressure on your bladder. Many times, when the baby is more active, you find yourself having to uring more frequently.

Is milky pee a sign of pregnancy?

Urine does not change in appearance when you are pregnant and if it's milky as you say it means there's pus in it so you have an infection and needs to see the doctor.

Is it normal for a pregnancy test to already have lines on it before you pee on the stick?

haha you pee on sticks