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Do the test again!! You maybe did it wrong or not enough pee!!

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Q: When a negative sign is faded on a pregnancy test what does that mean?
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What does it mean if you get a plus sign on a pregnancy test?

On a pregnancy test where you get a positive or a negative sign, the positive (plus sign) indicates pregnancy, while the negative indicates non-pregnant.

What does a positive and a negative sign mean on a pregnancy test mean?

well positive means yes and negative means no.... you cant have both.....

You took 2 pregnancy test both were negative but negative sign was very light?

i took two test it is negtive sign of pregnancy

Can you have sign of pregnancy even if a test is negative?


Is a minus sign a negative sign?

No it is not because 8-5 does not mean that the 5 is a negative sign but my weird mom thinks it is.

What does plus sign mean on ept pregnancy test?

It means you have a positive pregnancy test.

What does pain near the nipple mean?

possibly a sign of pregnancy

What does it mean to have a dark line down your belly is it a pregnancy sign?

no , its not

Your nipples are sensitive could that mean is a sign of pregnancy?

No at pregnancy the nipples become hard not tender.

You pee 7 times a day is it a pregnancy sign?

yes peeing alot is a sign of pregnancy but it doesnt nesseccarily mean pregnancy it could be something as simple as a kidney infection

Pregnancy test showed it was negative but the negative sign was very light could that be a false negative?

Take another pregnancy test. I suggest buying one that is easier to read this time (a digital one) that says 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant'

Is green poop a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is not a sign of pregnancy.

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