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Hi I am 6 weeks pregnant and yes I had clear watery discharge from the time of conception until now .As long as it dont have a smell it is normal pregnancy discharge,using a pantyliner will catch the discharge.I hope I helped.


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2015-07-16 18:20:20
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Q: Is having clear discharge for two weeks after sexual activity a sign of pregnancy?
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What is a white foamy discharge that women have during intercourse?

It is normal its when you are having a lot of sexual activity and air starts to mix with the vaginal discharge and thus making it foamy. I hope this answered your question.

What is sexual interaction with a friend?

It means your having sexual activity with them.

What two most serious health consequences of teenage sexual activity?

.Pregnancy .Sexual trasmited disease :)

What are two most serious health consequences of teenage sexual activity?

.Pregnancy .Sexual trasmited disease :)

How do you reduce unwanted pregnancy?

By not having sexual intercourse.

Is having a sudden urge for sexual activity a sign of pregnancy I know this might sound crazy but it's not normal for me. I can be laying on the couch and all of a sudden my hormones start raging.?

Take a pregnancy test.

Can Doggy style lead to pregnancy?

Any sexual activity which results in sperm entering the vagina can result in pregnancy.

When your pregnant can you have white pasty discharge?

during pregnancy is it normal to have white pasty discharge cottage cheese looking especially during sexual intercourse

Can you have brown discharge in early pregnancy?

Yes, Brown discharge can occur in early pregnancy. It can either be from sexual intercourse or the baby implanting. If you have severe cramps and heavy bleeding, then you should definetly call you doctor. It also won't hurt if you mention the discharge to your doctor! : )

Is sexual activity in women's institutions caused by the predominance of lesbians in prison?

No. Same-sex sexual activity in prisons is usually the result of having no other options for intimacy.

What are the pros and cons of schools distributing condoms?

Pros-no std's no pregnancy cons- encourages sexual activity

I been having sore nipples and a brownish-pinkish discharge but i been on the depo and i havent had my shot in almost 4 months i also had unprotected sex can i be pregnant?

there is always the possibility of a pregnancy if you are engaging in sexual intercourse. Check with your doctor, or take an at home pregnancy test

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