Is green a normal period color?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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only on mars

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Q: Is green a normal period color?
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Which 2nd Green Jingleheimer is the lighter normal skin color like me?

My green sidekick Joel Gillespi has the same normal skin color like me!!

What is the normal color of discharge during pregnancy?

neon green

Is it normal to be on your period and your pee to be normal color?

Yeah, I reckon. My pee's usually cloudy before my period, but during, it's pretty normal. Hard to tell though.

What is Sonia the hedgehogs eyes color?

normal: green Super: red

Is green a normal color for sirloin steak?

if it is GREEN throw it out, if it is grey and does not smell then it is just oxidised and safe

Will the color green absorb more heat than the color blue?

it depends on what kind of blue and green like a baby blue no a yellow-green no if its like a normal blue and green i think blue.

What is the color of the nipple's you are pregnant?

It ranges between a black and an aqua-marine/ lime green. Normal color your not pregnant.

You had a period that lasted for 2 days the last day of it was a dirty brownish color what would make that happen?

It is normal for that to happen. The reason is the period was longer than normal seven days, and the uterine wall and the excess blood dried up. that turns the color a browinsh color...

The leaves contain a green pigment called?

Chlorophyll and green When it is abundant in cells, which occurs during the growth period, the green color of the chlorophyll predominates, overshadowing the color of any other pigments the leaf may contain. Therefore, the leaves have a characteristic green color in summer.

Is it normal to have stuff come out of you 3 days after your period?

Yes, I do it too, its a brownish color.

Is it normal for dogs to have a green color placenta and fluid?

i shouldn't think so, it can be a sign of infection.

What color light indicates the end of each period in an ice hockey game?

A green light.