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Yes, because drug addiction changes the brain in fundamental ways.

Drug Addiction is defined by the DSM4 manual (any condition, if it does exist, is in this manual) as a "brain disorder". Therefore, drug addiction is an illness and it is very real and treatable.

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Yes, drug addiction is considered a mental illness. It is classified as a substance use disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) and involves changes in the brain that can lead to compulsive drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences. Treatment often involves a combination of behavioral therapy and medication.

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Q: Is drug addiction considered a mental illness?
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She was addicted to drugs, which some can consider a mental illness, there are plenty of drug addicts in the mental hospitals. Miss Joplin, sadly, had no religious background of any kind, and there were no religious trappings, even crosses at her funeral. She may have been bisexual as well.A bit more:While drug addiction is a disease, it is not typically considered a "mental illness". As for her not having a "religious background of any kind", that is not a mental illness, it's a lifestyle choice; it comes under our American freedoms - freedom of religion (or lack thereof).And, while I am a Christian, I can still honestly say that if not being "religious" were a form of mental illness, there wouldn't be enough mental hospitals in the world to treat everyone who doesn't believe in God. As for there being "no religious trappings, even crosses at her funeral" - what?And, while there is no proof "she may have been bisexual", even if she had been bisexual, that is not a mental illness, either.

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The theory that addiction is a disease is controversial.

Drug addiction can be considered a complex brain disease for reasons?

The theory that addiction is a disease is controversial.

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Residential treatment centers are most commonly called rehab.They are live-in facilities that provide therapy for drug addiction, mental illness and many other behavioral problems.

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Severe drug addiction is a very serious illness. When not treated, drugs/substance abuse can cause violence and even fatalities. Transitional plan in drug addiction can refer to the changes in a man's personality and behavior from being a normal person until he/she becomes a drug dependent.

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