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Yes, that is true.

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Q: Is blood rushing to your head bad for you?
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How can you stop blood from rushing to head?

Keep practising and it will lessen over time.

Why do you need pillows when you sleep?

Pillows support your neck to keep it comfortable and lift your head to keep blood from rushing to it.

Why do you feel dizzy when you get in trouble?

The blood is rushing away from your head to your gut in the "fight or flight" reflex, getting you ready to run, so you might feel a little dizzy as your blood pressure changes.

Can you die from blood rushing to your head?

First of all, the sensation of "blood rushing to your head," is actually not blood. It's a fluid, (mostly water) from the vestibular sacs in your inner ear. When your body is upside down, that fluid moves around, giving you the sensation of being upside down, and feeling liquid run to your head. But no blood ever actually goes to your head. But can you die from it? It's not immediately dangerous, but our bodies weren't designed to be upside down for extended periods of time, so I wouldn't recommend it for more than a few seconds.

Can the feeling of blood rushing to your hands be hypertension?


What is the throbbing caused by blood rushing into the arteries?


If your head hurts when you stand up from lying down and you feel dizzy is that a bad thing and um is it bad if you sleep with more than one pillow under you head does it have to do with dizzyness?

No its only the blood going to your head

Why does your penis get stiff?

If you mean the foreskin getting stiff, you need to clean your head more and maybe start gently masturbating If you mean your whole penis getting stiff it is because of the blood rushing to it when you become sexually aroused...

What is a good way to grow your hair fast?

I heard that standing on your head works, because of blood rushing to your head helping folicles grow The anti tissue rejection drug Cyclosporin has this side effect and I think Viagra was first used as a drug to combat baldness.

What the heart does to send blood rushing out?

either blood circulatory contracts heart vessels muscle oxygen pump or lungs

Is this a simile or metaphor the surge felt like the blood was rushing to your hands?

A simile is a comparison which uses the words "like" or "as". A metaphor is a word which does use "like" or "as". Therefore, "The surge felt 'like' the blood was rushing to your hands" would be a simile.

What is the medical term meaning harsh rushing sound made by passing blood?