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If you mean the foreskin getting stiff, you need to clean your head more and maybe start gently masturbating If you mean your whole penis getting stiff it is because of the blood rushing to it when you become sexually aroused...

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Q: Why does your penis get stiff?
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What causes stiff penis?

An infusion of blood.

Why do penis' get stiff?

Because all the pressure and the blood goes into you penis when you are seein something sexual.

What is an errection?

It is when a male gets turned on by a girl and his penis starts to get stiff.

What is erecriton?

My penis alright *gigedi gigedi* an erection is when the penis gets stiff, you jerk off, feel good.

What was the namefor the strict code of behavior followed by warrior class of early Japan?

The strict code of the stiff penis

Why does boys dick goes stiff?

A boys or mans penis gets stiff (erect) when he gets sexually excited. It can be due to oral stimulation, touching by a partner, masturbation or even upon waking up.

What is the function of the erectile tissue?

It fills with blood to make the penis stiff enough to enter a body during sexual intercourse.

How can you tell if you have a above average sized penis?

If it is stiff and longer than 5-1/2 inches from the bone behind the top of your penis to the tip of your penis, then it is above average. Size means very little . . . don't get hung up on size.

How come when I bend my penis when its stiff it hurts?

== When its stiff its full of blood which canno't escape. so when you try to bend it it will hurt even though there is no bone in it. The best thing is try not to bend it when you have a stiffy, wait until its gone down.

How do you keep penis stiff for long time during intercourse?

If you can not hold an erection, then you most likely have erectile disfunction. You should talk about it to your doctor.

You have been getting a stiff penis if girls talk to you are you obsessed?

yeah try and avoid that girls don't really like that. Try porn

What do you mean by erect?

To erect a building means to build or put up a building. An erection however generally refers to a stiff (erect) penis

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