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It really isnt necessary. Using the cream can 'suffocate' the piercing because its thick. It could also trap dirt and things like that. Unless its recommended from a doctor for an infection or something like that, stay away from it and stick with sea salt soaks

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Q: Is antiseptic cream good for a belly button piercing?
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Is it dangerous to scratch your belly button?

Yes. You could get a scratch in your belly button. Your belly button could get infected. Your belly button could bleed. If your belly button get infected you have to clean it with hydrogen peroxide rubbing alcohol iodine or antiseptic cream. If it doesn't heal after a week you have to see a doctor at the clinic or hospital.

How can you make the healing of a belly button piercing faster?

put some of type of cream on it or salt walter

Can you clean you belly button with shaving cream?

No. Shaving cream is applied to the face and legs before shaving. Use soap to clean out your belly button.

How do you know when you belly button piercing is infected?

Probably if there is a keloid or an abscess. A keloid is a bump with veins, and an abscess is an access peice of skin. I have my belly button pierced and i had a keloid/abscess, thankfully my doctor prescribed me a very expensive useful cream to make it go away.

Does cleaning you belly button with shaving cream work?


How do you get rid of redness next to nose piercing?

The best answer I have for you is to spray it frequently with antiseptic spray or cover it in antiseptic cream once or twice daily. It should go away withing 1-2 days. If the redness and swelling is excessive, go and check up with the piercing professionals in the shop that you initially got your piercing.

What Is Antiseptic cream?

Antiseptic means it kills bacteria that cause infections. It is usually used on wounds to prevent infection and aid in healing. Neosporin is an Antiseptic cream.

Does antiseptic cream kill ringworm?


What does antiseptic cream do?

Cures it! There was onc a

Is antiseptic cream legal or illegal?

Antiseptic cream is used everyday to help prevent infection. It is widley available and completely legal.

What substance is in antiseptic cream?

One of the most popular substances in antiseptic cream is Phenol and Chlorhexidine Digluconate. Phenol has many biocidal properties and its ability to mix with many other medicinal compounds makes it a good choice for antiseptic cream contents.

"Unscented" sometimes actually smells antiseptic - does anyone know if this is honestly unscented, or if it's got that antiseptic smell?

This shaving cream does not have an unscented antiseptic smell, in my opinion, there is no smell at all with this shaving cream.

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