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Magazine must be 10 rounds capacity or less, and it must not have two or more features listed in the 94 Clinton ban.

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Q: Is an semi auto ak 47 legal in nj?
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Are ak-47 legal in Ohio?

Yeah, as long as they're fixed semi-auto.

Is a ak 47 automatic?

yes its full auto, and semi

How do you turn a ak to a semi automatic?

The semi-auto and full auto AK-47s have different designs. Not only does the full auto have different parts, but those parts cannot fit in the semi-auto only version of the AK-47. It is against US law to have a semi-auto that can be "readily converted" to full auto.

Are ak-47s allowed to whitetail deer hunt with?

AK-47's are NOT illegal in the United States. Semi Automatics are totally legal and full auotmoatic ones can be purchased with a special liscence. Check your local laws but deer hunting with a semi-auto AK-47 should be totally fine!

Is the AK-47 legal in Washington?

Yes. If you're talking about the fully-automatic version of the AK-47 there are some legal and tax hoops to jump through. If you're referring to the semi-auto version you can buy one as long as you have no criminal history and are over 18.

Do you have to register your AK 47?

Depends on the laws where you are. If it is a semi auto, there is no Federal law requiring registration. Full auto, yes.

Is an AK-47 fully automatic or semi automatic?

The actual AK-47 and AKM are selective fire rifles, with both semi-automatic and full auto capabilities. There are several semi-auto clones of the AK series rifles manufactured for the civil market, paramilitary forces not authorised fully automatic weaponry, etc., but the only purpose built, semi-automatic true AK was the Romanian G model.

What is the value of a Chinese semi auto ak 47?

100-1000 USD

Value of ak-47 id?

Semi auto; 100-1000 USD Transferable full auto 15-20K or more.

What is ak 47 range?

It is listed as 300 Meters on full auto, and 400 meters on semi-auto. I personally find that a bit generous.

Are ak47 guns illegal in America?

Only in a few locations. It is legal to own a semi-auto AK-47 in most states at the age of 18. The full auto requires a class III licence from the BATF to own.

Why are AK47 illegal?

AK-47 models are not fully illegal, it's that the fully automatic variants are restricted to military usage and thus a typical civilian cannot get easy ownership of such rifle. However, semi-automatic versions are legal for civilians to own. If you live in a place where semi-automatic rifles aren't restricted, then you're in luck to getting the semi-auto AK-47.