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Yes, Cheaper than Dirt has it.

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Q: Is ammunition for Winchester model 1903 22 automatic available?
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What ammunition can be used in Winchester model 3 automatic?

It needs to be checked out by a good gunsmith.

What ammunition is used in the US Model of 1917 Winchester?


What is the value of a Winchester model 190 automatic rifle?


What ammunition is recommended for a Winchester model 94 30 WCF?

There are many items to consider, commencing by usage and cost (in ample sense). Give a look at the Winchester Ammunition site linked below.

Winchester model 280 semi-automatic 22 caliber?

looking for info on Winchester model 280 in a 22 caliber simi-automatic. when made and value of the gun now. Thanks

How much can a Winchester model 140 12 gauge semi automatic be worth?

A Winchester Model 140 12 gauge, semi automatic can be worth up to $150. The exact amount that the Winchester is worth depends on the condition of the gun.

Is ther any amunitation availabe for a Winchester model 1890 WRF rifle?

Winchester Ammunition 22 Winchester Rimfire (WRF) 45 Grain Plated Lead Flat Nose Box of 50 Product #: 595733 Status: Available Our Price: $7.29

What is the value of a model 1924 32 Winchester ctg?

Are you asking about a single round of ammunition made in 1924? FYI, the only fiream called a Model 24 made by Winchester was a shotgun.

Does a Winchester model 94 30 use 30 caliber ammunition or 30 30 ammunition?

The chambering will be stamped right into the barrel.Since it's a 94, it will probably be stamped 30 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) which today is called 30-30 Winchester

How many rounds did the Winchester model 1873 rifle hold?

13 rounds of .44-40 ammunition.

What is the value of a Winchester model 180 22 cal semi automatic rifle?

what is the value of a Winchester model 190 semi automatic rifle.The Winchester model 190 rifle is valued between 65-150 dollars for a rifle showing between 60%-90%of its original finish and a good bore.

Can you fire any 44 calibre ammunition in a Winchester model 94AE?

Only if it is chambered for it. If in doubt, go to a gunsmith.