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A woman is pregnant for nine months.

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Q: Is a woman pregnant for nine or ten months?
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How many weeks is a woman pregnant?

40 weeks is a normal period. So almost ten months.

Can a girl be pregnant for ten months?

No, the normal gestation period is nine months (40 weeks) and medical intervention would be made after around 42 weeks.

How old does a chicken have to be to lay a egg?

about nine ten months.

Had tubal reversal done TEN MONTHS ago not pregnant yet why not?

I got my tubal reversal 8 months ago and i'm still not pregnant why?

If two girls kiss each other for ten second on the lips will they become pregnant?

They will not!! A woman cannot get another woman pregnant no matter how hard they try!

How many months does it take for the whale to give a birth?

All whales give birth in nearly nine to ten months.

What age should most foals be weaned at?

Nine or ten months, or just let it wean itself, which is kinder.

If you are 3 months pregnant how many weeks is that?

a month can be 30, 31 days. so, 30 divided by three is ten. so, about ten weeks.

How long would a human fetus be at 36 weeks pregnant?

At 34 weeks, the fetus is roughly 18inches (45cm) from top to toe

What is ten thirds of nine?

one third of nine is three, therefore:-ten thirds of nine = three times ten which is thirty.

Why can Muslim women not remarry after their husbands have died?

A muslim woman cannot remarry after her husband has died only for a specified period which is known as 'Idda' in Arabic. The duration of 'Idda' is four months and ten days and if she is pregnant then the duration would be the remaining length of pregnancy.

Can a woman period has stopped and she is at the age of fifty can she get pregnant?

It is possible, yet unlikely. Up to ten years can pass after a woman stops having her period before she is unable to have a baby.