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no it is not to early

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Q: Is a week too early to know if you are pregnant?
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If you are only a week pregnant can you tell with a pap?

No. A pap is not used to determine pregnancy, and one week is too early to find out if you are pregnant

If you are pregnant how would you fill if you were just a week pregnant?

When you get pregnant your body releases specific hormones into your blood stream. Though one week is too early for these to shape your behaviour or be noticeable. If you are trying to figure out if you are pregnant, just walk into a pharmacy and ask for a pregnancy test. Its not a crime to populate the Earth.

You feel a heart beat in your tummy but i dont know if its me nervousim pregnant and its only been a week from the time i had sex plz help?

there is a possibility if you are fertile when you had sex, but considering the time..its too early to conclude.

Can you ever find out if you're pregnant at one week?

No 1 week is too soon.

What are the odds of a pregnancy being ectopic after tubal ligation?

i am not sure about the odds but i had my tubes done a year and a half ago and today i found out i was pregnant too early to see if it in my tubes should out next week i thought i couldn't get pregnant but it can happen

How do you assure that you are a week pregnant?

You can't . That's too specific to call for sure.

Is a week too late for conception pills?

there is no such thing as a conception pill - that is not how you get pregnant

Do guinea pigs know when there pregnant?

Yes, the females will know when they are pregnant. Other females will know too if they are housed together. The males will know because the pregnant female will have nothing to do with the males if she is pregnant.

What does a negative result of a home test mean?

That you are testing too early or that you are not pregnant.

How do you know if you are pregnant after 1 week?

After one week of sex or missed period? You should be specific. There is no use of knowing about the conception after one week of sex. It is too much expensive also. If you have had a sexual contact and want to know about it, wait for one week. Then take the morning sample of urine and go for the pregnancy test. Repeat it twice a week. If you do not get the periods, then consult the gynecologist. She will do the needful.

You usually get cramps and breast soreness a week before you get your periodhowever this time you got them after being a couple days late Is that also a pregnancy symptom Is it too early 2 take a test?

That in fact is a symptom of pregnancy, I had that same symptom when I was pregnant. I had breast tenderness which I thought I was just dehydrated and I was drinking too much caffeine because that can cause breast tenderness in females but in fact I was pregnant. I got morning, well I'd call all day, sickness starting at my 5th week. So go get checked out at your local doctor and it is not too early to test.

Can doctors detect heart defects at 7 weeks pregnant?

No, too early to tell.