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sounds like a stretch mark

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Q: Is a red line on your stomach a sign of pregnancy?
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Is light red period blood a sign of pregnancy?

Light red period blood is a sign of a period. Spotting may be a sign of an implantation bleed if very minor.

Does two red line in a pregnancy kit means its negative?


How do you read a pregnancy test kit?

this is the truth you see the red line if the meter goes past the red line that means your pregnant.But if it does not go past the red line your not pregnant.

What should you do if you have lots of tiny blisters on your stomach?

My tiny red blisters are 3 on my stomach. They form a triangle. Is this a sign of something?

What does the road sign with the word rock on it mean it has a thick red circle around the word rock and a think red line through the word rock?

what a sign mean that has a red circle with rock in it and a red line through it

How do you take pregnancy kit?

well you take the pregnancy kit pee in it then if it goes past the red line your pregnant if not your not pregnant.

What causes red blotchy spots on your stomach if you're not pregnant?

Red, blotchy spots on your stomach definitely isn't pregnancy related. It may be a allergic reaction to perfume, soap products, clothes fibres. Anything.

What you do on a red stop sign?

You come to a complete stop at the limit line or before entering the crosswalk/intersection of that specific red stop sign.

Is Spotting 3 days and red half a day Weird taste in my mouth Upset and stomach cramps a pregnancy symptoms.?


What to feed a red nose pit with stomach problems?

For a pitbull no matter the line, stomach problems are not common. You must see a veterinarian just in case.

What colour is latios in Pokemon Emerald?

Latios is blue and white with a little bit of red on its stomach.

What is chadwick's sign?

A dark bluish or purplish-red and congested appearance of the vagina and cervical muscosa. This is an indication of pregnancy. Marcy