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Yes. And he sounds like a creepster.

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Q: Is a guy who flirts with you at work and seems interested sizing you up sexually if he asks you about how you move your hips while dancing what your height is and always wants long hugs from you?
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What if a dude always flirts with you at first but then dont talk to you for three weeks?

he's not interested, your unattractive and in need of a breath mint.

What are signs that a guy is interested?

If he talks to you alot Flirts with you smiles at you bugs you stares at you

How does a man knows a woman is interested in him?

She keeps looking at you or flirts with you. Or talks to you ALOT.

How would you know if a girl is interested on you?

She flirts or jsut looks at you and smiles alot whenever she sees you

What do i do if a boy playfully flirts with me?

flirt back! but play it cool don't be overly flirty otherwise it may come across as frightening boys love it when you play hard to get, look at them dead in the eyes, lick your lips because its not always about what you say and boys are always sexually frustrated

What does a lesbian do if a man flirts with her?

Imagine what you'd do if someone who you were not interested in flirted with you. It's probably the same thing a lesbian would do.

How do you know if she is she is still interested?

If she still flirts with you, go and talk to her friends and see if she talks about you or if she told them she wants to get back together with you.

What is Justin biebers favorite type of person male or female?

He always hangs out with Males but he always flirts with females.

What do you do when your gay girlfriend always flirts?

Well, it depends. If she tries to make a move and your not interested just be honest and tell her you don't feel the same. But if that doesn't happen and she just keeps flirting then just find the right time to tell the truth.

I have Crush on this guy and we only really talk over msn meet him twice and he always starts the convo and flirts but i anit spoke to him for about 2 weeks is that a good thing or bad thing?

If your interested in continuing the relationship, then start talking to him again.

If a woman touches your leg is she interested in you?

Not necessarily. She may simply be interested in flirting. And just because she flirts with you, does not mean she is seriously interested in you. Especially, if the incident is a one time occurrence. If you are the sole target of her flirtation and if her flirtation continues, then she most likely is interested in you in some way.

How do you find out who likes who?

Whoever flirts with to you and is always smiling and making an effort to talk to you is usually it.