Is a Uzi a sub machine gun?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. A sub machine gun is a machine gun that fires pistol rounds and Uzis are 9mm.

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Q: Is a Uzi a sub machine gun?
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How many rounds per minute can an Uzi sub machine gun fire?

About 600 rounds per minute on full auto.

What is the best urban machine gun?

an uzi

Machine gun oozzy proper spelling?


What kind of gun is owned the most?

Probably an m9 handgun. Machine gun wize most likely a uzi or uzi variant.

What is the difference between machine gun and sub-machine gun?

A sub-machine gun fires pistol cartridges. A machine gun fires rifle rounds.

Ooh zee machine gun?

Spelled Uzi, it is a submachine gun made in Israel.

What handgun does the Israeli army carry?

In these days, the Israel military uses the M-16 rifle and others which they fabricate like The Negev Machine Gun, the Tavor Assault Rifle, The X-95 Family, the UZI sub-machine gun, and the Jericho Pistol.

Did the Germans use the Uzi in World War 2?

The Uzi sub machine gun was not used by the Germans during WWII. It was not made until 1950 and then as a prototype. It was designed by Major Uziel Gal, and introduced to the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) in 1954.

Why was the 45 cal rifle used in World War 2?

The .45 Thompson sub-machine gun and M3 sub machine gun (grease gun) were used in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam War. A sub-machine gun is called a SUB machine gun because it uses "pistol" ammunition. The M3 sub-machinegun looked exactly like a grease gun; hence the name.

What are Uzis?

Sub machine gun

What are machine gun names?

Thompson Uzi Mac-Ten Browning AR-15

What is SMG gun?

SMG stands for Sub-Machine Gun. Firearms in that category are generally compact, handheld, operated from an unsupported position and function in a fully automatic firing mode. Some examples would be UZI, MP5, Vector, Thompson.