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ROM stands for Read Only Memory and is used for long term storage.

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Q: Is ROM used for short term or long term memory?
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What are the negative effects of science on agriculture?

Science does not in itself have a negative effect on agriculture or on anything. Science is knowledge, which can be used wisely or foolishly. People who use scientific techniques in the pursuit of short-term agricultural productivity, without considering long-term results, will have problems in the long term. That is not the result of science, it is the result of short-sightedness.

What type of abuse is the term gaslighting used to describe?

Gaslighting is a term when used to describe a form of mental abuse where you lie to a person to make them doubt their perception, sanity, or memory. It became a term after the play Gas Light featured a plot using this form of abuse.

Climate is the weather?

Many people get confused between climate and weather. Climate is long term and usually talks about the weather conditions in a certain place for a long period of time. Words like "hot and humid" or "cold and dry" can be used to describe a climate. Weather on the other hand is a short term and usually talks about a certain time like the weather tomorrow is sunny. Words like "sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy, and thunder" can be used to describe weather.

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A long term affect for wasting energy?

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Which area of the cerebral is used for short term memory?

The frontal lobe is the part of the brain used for short-term memory.

What area of the cerebral cortex is used for short term memory?

The frontal lobe is the part of the brain used for short-term memory.

What are the best topics of experimental thesis?

Short term and long term memory topics are some of the best topics that can be used in experimental thesis. The reason for this is there are many ways to test memory processes.

What area of cerebral cortex is used for short term memory?

Temporal lobes

Which type of memory is used to keep the flow of conversations going by allowing a person to remember what was just said?

Short term memory

How is short term memory loss used in Finding Nemo and what are some examples during the movie?

Dory, a protagonist in the film says she has "Short term memory loss" and it runs her family. She is forgetful at times, and her lack of memory drives Marlin nuts sometimes.

What is brain tonic for?

Brain tonic is a homeopathic supplement used to assist with brain function and is thought to be especially useful to combat memory problems and mental fatigue. It can be used for short-term and long term improvements to mental clarity.

What are the two types of memory on a computer?

Internal and External. Internal - also known as Primary Memory, comes inbuilt when the computer is manufactured and mainly used to run the computer while external - also known as Secondary Memory can be added to the computer storing data and information for future use

Can the auditory code used in STM help explain why people have better memory?

It looks like the auditory code used in STM help explain why people have better memory when it comes to short term memory.

What is the human equivalent for the computers RAM?

It could be equivalent to a person's working or short-term memory, where both are used to hold short-term information and instructions to be processed nearly immediately.

How do you learn multination facts fast?

You just need to study them. There are two types of memory. One is short term and it is what it sounds like it stays for a short time. Things like drugs or drinking can interfere with short term memory. The second is long term memory and this is a memory that is stored in your brain and stays there. If you think of your brain like a computer with files and storage you can understand that the larger your storage ability the more you learn. The more the brain is used the more synapses you create within the brain thus memory and cognitive development takes shape.

Which brain areas are involved in memory formation and storage?

Although the short-term memory is supported by transient patterns of neuronal communication in the regions of the frontal, prefrontal and parietal lobes of the brain, long-term memories are maintained by more stable and permanent changes in neural connections widely spread throughout the brain.The hippocampus area of the brain essentially acts as a kind of temporary transit point for long-term memories, and is not itself used to store information.However, it is essential to the consolidation of information from short-term to long-term memory, and is thought to be involved in changing neural connections for a period of three months or more after the initial learning.