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Typically hourglass figures have the same bust and hips measurement and the waist measurement is at least 10 inches less than the hip & bust measurement. I have the same measurements!!

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Q: Is 37-29-37 an hourglass figure for a girl with 34D breasts?
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Perfect figure of a girl?

The perfect figure for a girl is usually an hourglass shaped one. But, "perfect" is subjective. An hourglass shape is one where a female has large breasts and a small waist and wide hips. This shape suggests high fertility, which is attractive to men according to those who believe in evolution.

What is a girls figure?

A girl's figure is when a girl goes through puberty and their body changes to look like a teen. It refers to the size of her breasts, waist, and hips. Ideally, the waist would be small, and the hips and waist larger, with the hips perhaps slightly larger than the breasts.

Prefect figure of a girl?

be normal weight, at least five foot in adult height, nice assests (nice butt, muscular, small waist, things like that,) er... hourglass figure.

Does every girl has breasts?

Yes, every girl has breasts.

What are the signs of puberty for a girl?

You will know when you have hit puberty when you have irrational mood swings, if your a girl your breasts will enlarge and form and your period will start (some people later than others), your hips will take form and you will get a more hourglass figure. But both boys and Girls will notice pubic hair starting to grow.This process usually starts in the ages of 12-14.

What does it mean if a girl calls you babe?

It can mean a variety of things: It can mean: you are sexy in his eyes you are hot you have a fab figure you have great breasts

I have an hourglass shape big hips big butt skinny and toned but i only have like a B or C cup in breats will my smaller breasts be a turn off for guys?

C cup breasts aren't small, and every guy likes different things. I am an hourglass myself with a B cup, and I look proportionate. As long as you look proportionate, there should be no turns offs. And, every girl is different!

Can girls have man breasts?

Girls may have small breasts but they are still girl breasts.

What might cause hair on or around your breasts?

Every girl has hair on her breasts

If you grab a girls breasts do they grow?

No. But you might be prosecuted if you are not the girl or the breasts are not your own.

How can you get a girl to show you her breasts?

seduce her

How do you acquire breasts?

By being a girl.

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