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It is not a good weight but it isn't a bad weight to so it's okay but if you want to lose you can excise or eat less and you will loose but i think you look pretty no matter what

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Q: Is 130 a good weight for eleven year old?
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What is the average weight for a eleven year old girl that is 4 feet?

130 lbs

Can a 130 pound 12 year old lose weight?

"Can" a 130 pound 12 year old lose weight, yes, but the question is "should" a 130 pound 12 year old lose weight. The answer to that depends on your height and build as well. It would be good to consult a physician if you are concerned about being over weight. They can also give you ideas on how best to lose weight for your age if losing weight is appropriate. Good luck.

Is 130 a good weight for a 10 year old?

no not really.70 or 60 is normal

What is the average weight for a thick 12 year old 5'4 girl?

About 130-140 is good!

What weight is good for a 21 year old that is 5'4?

i would sayyyyyy 130 pounds! probably more

Is 123 pounds overweight for a 12-year-old?

No, It is NOT 80-130 lbs. is good it also depends on your Height and your Weight.

What is the average weight for a 5' 6'' 17-year-old?

115-130 115-130

How far should an eleven year old boy hit a golf ball with a driver?


Im 5'8 and im 13 years old how much should i weigh?

There is no good weight for a 13 year old. But the normal weight is 130-150 pounds

What is the healthy weight for a 14 year old?

130 pounds

What weight should a 15 year old be?

Weight is worked out on height not age.

What is the correct weight of a 13 year old?

about 130 pounds i think........................